About Letterpress

Letterpress printing, with its embossed texture, crisp, deep impression and thick, luxurious cotton paper, is making a comeback, and for good reason. Each one of our invitations, business cards or greetings is printed one at a time and by hand on thick, soft paper on our antique Chandler and Price press, resulting in a beautifully unique set of products that are all yours. If you want your invitation or other printed piece to make a strong impression (...pun intended), letterpress is the perfect format for you.

Now, this old-school mastery can be combined with new technology to produce almost anything you can dream up. Each plate is custom-created just for your design and creates a quality impression. Occasionally, traditional wood or cast type is used just like it was at the turn of the century, but now with photo-polymer plates, anything that can be created on the computer can be printed without the limited selection of fonts and sizes that cast type affords.


C&P 8x12 Old Style

C&P 8x12
Old Style

Reprex No. 2

Reprex No. 2


We are the proud parents of an old style 8x12 Chandler and Price Letterpress, built in 1890 in Cleveland, Ohio and still running strong with almost all of its original parts. The only 8 x 12 Chandler and Price letterpress operating commercially in Alabama, our C&P uses hand-mixed inks and thick 100% cotton paper to create a deep, even impression.

Heidelberg Windmill 10x15

Heidelberg Windmill 10x15

The Reprex #2 Proof Press is a cylinder press manufactured in 1969. The design of this flat bed press allows for a much larger print area, perfect for printing large posters or long folded pieces while also handling small delicate pieces, such as wedding stationery and calling cards, with amazing precision.

The newest addition to our fleet of machinery is the Heidelberg Windmill 10 x 15. This press was built in 1964 with amazingly intricate and complex German engineering. This press is called the "Windmill" because of the way the two gripper arms rotate in a circular motion (like a windmill) feeding and pulling paper simultaneously as it opens and closes. One arm lifts the paper, while the other feeds the paper to be printed. This automatic feeding mechanism is what makes our (new to us) Windmill the new workhorse of our studio. The Windmill is similar to the C&P, in that, it is a "platen" style press. Although, the Windmill has a much larger chase size, allowing for larger prints, while still achieving the crisp "bite" into the paper that is indicative of letterpress printing. The quality and volume capability that this press can achieve continues to exceed our (very high) expectations.


What we print

We specialize in custom stationery, wedding invitation suites, business/calling cards, greeting cards and any other print project you can dream up. With every custom order, our customers receive high-quality proofs throughout the process and the knowledge of our staff to help along the way.

We have plenty of customization options on top of your already-custom designs, including three paper color choices, each on two different paper weights, and a myriad of ink colors to choose from.


our studio

Our full-service print shop contains the best equipment in the industry. Experts are
standing by, ready to produce orders of all sizes as quickly as possible. Beyond printing, we are happy to offer a variety of finishing options — edge painting, die-cutting, and envelope liners, just to name a few.


design house

We offer completely custom designs crafted to your style and catered to our presses. Our designers are eager to start putting your vision in print— from traditional and formal pieces to a more modern aesthetic. Our knowledge not only of design, but the letterpress process, will create a piece that showcases the beautiful impressions and vibrant colors of this artisan printing process.